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Passengers Oppose Train Safety Reductions

Public Meeting Planned

Press Release 28 February 2018

Over the past week the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has surveyed train passengers at
Papakura, Britomart and Henderson stations, as well as online, about Auckland Transport’s plan to
remove Train Managers from all trains.

The results of the survey show train passengers fundamentally want to feel safe on Auckland trains.
84% of the 601 respondents completely disagree with plans to remove Train Managers. In surveys
and online feedback, many respondents were aware of and very concerned that Train Managers
could be removed and replaced by a handful of roving “Transport Officers” who will be spread thinly
across all bus, ferry and train services.

Jon Reeves, PTUA Coordinator said. “Our survey findings suggest the Auckland Transport and
Transdev decision remove train managers are out of step with what their “customers” want which is
safety on all trains, at all times”. Reeves added that the PTUA has never received so much feedback
so quickly to a single public transport issue.

Due to the massive feedback and safety concerns expressed by current rail passengers the Public
Transport Users Association will be hosting a public meeting to discuss and focus on these issues. It is
hoped that passengers will be able to talk with Senior Auckland Transport and Transdev
management about their safety concerns. Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, Auckland Council Councilors
and Local Board members will be invited as well the Minister of Transport Phil Twyford. “Twyford is
the Minister in charge of the NZ Transport Agency which have not yet approved the plan by
Auckland Transport to reduce safety and security on passenger trains” Reeves said.

Christine Rose, PTUA Chair said “We are hoping key decision makers will be able to attend this
meeting to hear passengers’ concerns and address their fears. Many survey respondents had
experienced or been scared by violence and aggression on the Auckland passenger rail network, so felt we need more security, not less.”

The urgent public meeting will be held on Monday, 12th March, 7pm at the Leicester Hall, Corner
Findlay and Ramsgate Streets, Ellerslie (3 minutes walk from Ellerslie railway station). All train users
and those concerned about safety on passenger trains are welcome to attend.

Data from our questionnaire:
1) Do you feel safe on board trains now? 85% Yes

2) Will you be concerned if there is no one to help you in case of emergencies, violence or
threatening behaviour in your train? 95% Yes

3) Have you heard of Auckland Transport’s plan to remove on board train staff? 95% Yes

4) Is it a good decision by Auckland Transport to remove Train Managers from all trains? 84% No

5) Have you ever seen or been party to unruly behaviour on an Auckland Transport train? 98% Yes

5a) If Yes, were you concerned for your personal safety of safety of other train passengers? 88% Yes

Train Safety Public Meeting
Monday 12th March, 7pm, Leicester Hall, Corner Findlay and Ramsgate Streets, Ellerslie

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One thought on “Passengers Oppose Train Safety Reductions”

  1. What is wrong with these people – it will not be safe for young and old. Don’t the powers that be know that it is getting more dangerous to travel in Auckland. The people that make the decisions – do they travel by train??????????

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